Philippe Lambinet speaks at the conference “Artificial Intelligence multiplies the possibilities of the Geneva industry” organised by Ifage to comment on the development of artificial intelligences in Industry 4.0


At the heart of the digital transformation and of its irrevocable impact on the way companies operate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) opens up new fields of application with limitless possibilities in every sector of the market.  

The objective of this public conference was to examine as closely as possible how companies and industries in the region implement it on a daily basis or in their future projects.  

The speakers, recognized experts in the field, have highlighted the impacts of AI and Machine Learning on public policies and ethics, providing concrete examples of new AI-related employments and of the development and implementation tools of these new technologies in different industrial sectors and in companies within them.    

Five speakers, which means five insights on the actions and real achievements of AI that are in place today and shall be used by tomorrow’s local and global industry. 

– Alexandre Epalle, General Manager of the Directorate General for Economic Development, Research and Innovation of the State of Geneva 

– Laura Tocmacov, CEO of ImpactIA Foundation 

– Frédéric Dreyer-Gonzales, Innosuisse’s innovation coach

– Mohamad Ali Mahfoouz, Head of AI and Data at Microsoft 

– Philippe Lambinet, co-founder and CEO of Cogito Instruments, concluded the conference by presenting our “electronic brains”, which enables us to integrate the production systems of Industry 4.0 with an alternative based on local treatment: the “edge computing”. He focused on the inadequacy of most current solutions to the specific problems of industrial applications, pointing out that many of them require huge amounts of data to create reliable models and do not protect know-how, which is what Cogito Instruments’ microchips allow coupled with an immediate local response. 

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